Lynne Jeary completes 100th fit20 session

A huge congratulations to Lynne Jeary for completing her 100th training session at fit20 Exeter.

We asked her why she loves fit20 so much.

“Since starting my weekly '20-minute fix' of fit20, I have noticed a real improvement in my general fitness and strength. My stamina and general energy levels have hugely increased.

I run at least 26 miles a week and can now power run any hill I meet along the way. I have also noticed my run recovery time is super quick now.

I don't suffer from aches, pains or niggles like I used to either. All these benefits I attribute to my weekly fit20 session.

Duncan and his team in Exeter are very knowledgeable and encouraging. You can be assured that at each one-to-one session you will be completing the exercises using the correct techniques. The trainers are motivational and give you lots of encouragement to attain your goals. You can see your progress over time as you build strength at a steady pace.

I really would encourage anyone at any age to try a free introductory session. You have to try it to believe it. It’s only 20 minutes a week. You can surely spare that for yourself, your health and well-being''

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