Customer Story of Trish Broom. She is loving the positive changes she has noticed already!

We love hearing about the changes fit20 makes to the lives of our customers. Trish, 73 years young, told us about the fantastic positive changes she has experienced since joining fit20 Exeter as a member in August this year.

“I always thought that to get fit you needed to go to the gym at least 3 days a week getting hot and sweaty for at least 2 hours a session.

When I saw the ad for fit 20, my first thought was "20mins once a week and no sweaty workouts that cannot possibly work" but how wrong I was.

After 3 weeks I could already see and feel a difference

My clothes were easier to do up, I had lots more energy and I even ran up some stairs.

My balance improved and I was much happier in myself.

The really good thing is you have a personal trainer, who is not a slave driver, but is there to help and encourage you. Correcting your posture and positioning all parts of your body and making sure you relax and breathe properly.

If you are thinking of trying this I would say to stop thinking and just try it you will be very pleasantly surprised at the results and how much you will look forward to those 20 minutes each week.”

Great advice from Trish, we wish her all the best in her future training!

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