Customer Story of William Gaunt

When you first started with fit20, what were you looking to achieve?
I was conscious that in middle age I was starting to lose condition, I didn’t want to become some super fit athlete, but I was worried that if I didn’t start to “stop the rot” then there might be future impacts on my health and wellbeing.

Those everyday tasks were just beginning to become harder – climbing stairs, putting socks on, bending over, I was increasing pulling muscles when undertaking higher levels of activity, and my waistline was starting to increase at an alarming rate.

What made you interested in trying the fit20 training?
I was very sceptical that fit20 could deliver all it said, but my normal routes to fitness were no longer producing the required results.

I have a lack of time, niggling and long term injuries that prevented any consistent training, and I was finding it hard to motivate myself over an extended period.

What do you like most about the fit20 style of training?
It’s focus, the fact that it seems not to have a negative impact on a long term health condition (in fact it might be actually helping alleviate it!), and the convenience. And the great trainers of course!

What results have you achieved since starting that you're most proud of?
I have not felt so alive for years, energy levels up, a renewed sense of wellbeing, my body strength has returned and my weight gain has been reversed, all helping to boost my confidence and happiness.

What would you say to anyone who's not sure if fit20 can work for them?
I would say “Give it a go”, especially if you are not comfortable with traditional gym or fitness regimes. You only get out as much as you put in, but with the great guidance of the fit20 team, that can be achieved.

William Gaunt - Director, Edwin Woodhouse & Co Limited